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Free, open-source and feature-rich interactive charts

Less is more

Millions of websites still use static pictures for showing financial charts. The old way is not interactive and doesn't scale with various devices. Pictures always had a huge advantage of their small size and fast loading — but no more!


Our charting solutions were engineered from the start to work with huge data arrays. Charts stay responsive and nimble even with thousands of bars even with updates multiple times per second with new ticks.

Interactive, responsive and mobile-friendly

Intelligently adapts to any device. Charts are carefully engineered for best interactivity, both for powerful desktops with a mouse, and touch-optimized for tablets and phones.

Finance is at the heart

Charting is our core. TradingView charts are used by tens of thousands of websites, apps and financial portals, as well as millions of traders around the world. You can be sure that we've included everything you need, starting from popular chart types to advanced price scaling.

Integrating & connecting any data is quick and easy

Built for developers, by developers. Charts are rich in features and easy to integrate — so you can integrate with a breeze.

Ultra lightweight - just 45 Kb

HTML5 Canvas technology no larger than a standard GIF file.


Maintained by TradingView. Hosted on GitHub. Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. Contributions welcome!

Flexible styling

Change the standard look & feel to match your style with perfection. There are many premade examples that you can copy & paste.