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Interface: PriceFormatBuiltIn

Represents series value formatting options. The precision and minMove properties allow wide customization of formatting.


minMove=0.01, precision is not specified - prices will change like 1.13, 1.14, 1.15 etc.


minMove=0.01, precision=3 - prices will change like 1.130, 1.140, 1.150 etc.


minMove=0.05, precision is not specified - prices will change like 1.10, 1.15, 1.20 etc.



type: "percent" | "price" | "volume"

Built-in price formats:

  • 'price' is the most common choice; it allows customization of precision and rounding of prices.
  • 'volume' uses abbreviation for formatting prices like 1.2K or 12.67M.
  • 'percent' uses % sign at the end of prices.


precision: number

Number of digits after the decimal point. If it is not set, then its value is calculated automatically based on minMove.

Default Value

2 if both minMove and precision are not provided, calculated automatically based on minMove otherwise.


minMove: number

The minimum possible step size for price value movement. This value shouldn't have more decimal digits than the precision.

Default Value